MacLachlan Solicitors Email Policy

Our emails and any attachments are confidential and may be legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient of the email you may not use, copy, disseminate,  disclose or rely on the information contained in it and you must notify the sender immediately on 01935 817736 and destroy all copies of the email and any attachment.

We do not accept liability for the presence of any computer viruses in any email or any attachment or any losses caused as a result of viruses.

Statements in any email message that do not relate to our business are neither given nor endorsed by MacLachlan Solicitors Ltd.

No material in email messages or their attachments should be taken or considered as advice on which any recipient may place reliance, unless that recipient is a client of the firm to whom we have sent our engagement letter and terms of business.

We do not accept service of documents (whether in proceedings or otherwise) by email or fax, unless one of our Directors expressly confirms to the contrary in writing. The inclusion of an email address and/or fax number on our letterhead shall not of itself be deemed to constitute such confirmation.



Email Policy