Residential Property

Buying and selling your home can be one of the most stressful times. At MacLachlan we aim to reduce the stress by providing an efficient, thorough and friendly service and by offering practical advice and solutions.

Your transaction will be handled by one of our specialists, all of whom are legally qualified and will personally deal with your case throughout the course of the transaction. We treat you as a person, not as a number!

We hold the Law Society’s quality kitemark CQS for conveyancing; in fact, we were the first law firm in Dorset to be awarded this accolade. We are also one of the few firms in our area who have a loyal following of London-based clients following many years working closely with several well known London Estate Agents.

Below are just a few of the areas our specialists deal with:-

What will it cost?

We firmly believe that in order to give you the best possible value for money and the most accurate information as to the likely costs, it is best to discuss with you in person your individual requirements. All of us are different and one-size does not necessarily fit all.

Our team of experienced professionals provide advice and assistance to a wide range of property owners from first-time buyers to experienced property investors and we tailor our service accordingly – this means that you receive the appropriate advice at a competitive price for your particular circumstances.

By taking a few moments to discuss your situation with you we can then very quickly and simply provide you with a detailed estimate, based on your own circumstances. Some law firms give generic costs pricing information based on a set of assumptions, but then the charges are varied later with no real certainty to you.

Our property team are always available for an initial chat to discuss the likely costs and to explain the processes involved in the purchase or sale of your home. You can contact us by telephone or by email or by calling in to one of our offices. We will provide a no obligation and accurate estimate of the costs for your particular transaction.

Our fees cover all of the work required to complete the sale or purchase of your new home, including dealing with a mainstream mortgage lender, advice on joint ownership options, registration of ownership at the Land Registry and dealing with the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax.

Our fees do not include disbursements, which are costs related to your transaction that are payable to third parties. Our role will include dealing with these payments on your behalf to streamline the process. Some disbursements are known at the beginning of the transaction but some may arise later or may not be quantified until the transaction is underway. Below is a list of common disbursements although this list is not exhaustive and will depend on the type of property involved (such as whether it is a flat or a house) or its geographical location:

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax  (SDLT) – This is paid on a property purchase. This can be calculated using the online SDLT calculator for simple transactions!/intro
  • Land Registry fees – These fees are paid on a property purchase – the fees vary depending on the value of the property and whether is it currently registered or will be a first registration. The Land Registry have a fee scale online which may assist you
  • Search fees –  These are usually required for most property purchases. The search fees vary depending on the geographical location of the property and other factors. Typically they range from £350 to £450.
  • Leasehold fees –  Usually on both sales and purchases of leasehold property there are additional fees payable, including to the Landlord or Managing Agent.  We will not know these until we receive information from the Landlord or Managing Agent. As a guide, these could be between £150 and £350 but are sometimes more.
  • Indemnity Insurance Policies – These are sometimes required, to correct a title defect for example.  We would provided details of the exact costs when known.
  • Electronic Bank Transfer Admin fee – £40 plus VAT – This is paid for each bank transfer we deal with on your behalf.
  • VAT – Payable at the prevailing rate.

Under our professional obligations, we are required to publish our fees for a typical transaction however this is not a tailored estimate and is a very limited snapshot of what the costs and fees might actually be for your particular transaction.